About Us.

Since 2006, Creative STEPS has been providing multidisciplinary based services to assist those with speech, language, educational, motor, sensory, behavioural, social, and emotional difficulties.

We are unique blend of professionals all with a passion for working with children with language and / or developmental delays, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Our purpose is to provide access to innovative and effective programs that will assist those at risk so that they may socially and emotionally understand and function comfortably, confidently, and successfully in the environment in which they live. Creative STEPS is owned and directed by Michelle Grace and Narelle Brilliant.

Michelle Grace is a Registered Teacher experienced in working with special needs students in the regular classroom. For the past 12-years, Michelle has developed and coordinated welfare and integration programs and services for these students, and is now specialising in working with children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in a mainstream school.

Narelle Brilliant is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist who has worked within the private and educational sectors. She is dedicated to providing intensive therapy to children with special needs, and in empowering families to support their children in the areas of speech, language, literacy, and social communication skills. Narelle has effectively worked on developing and refining a range of language and communication programs and techniques to support children with various communication difficulties.

Together, Michelle and Narelle have worked closely to establish a specialised classroom for children on the autism spectrum at a State Government mainstream school. The program specifically caters towards the students’ special needs and assists with their transition into the regular classroom. The students have benefited greatly in all areas of their development, which is the result of this multidisciplinary team’s collaborative and well-researched efforts. This work was published in “Snapshots” – Specialist Schools and Academies Trust Journal of Innovation in Education” and received acknowledgment through a presentation at the 2007 Biennial National Autism Conference

“By working together we are creating a world that enhances and creates a brighter future for children and their abilities”.

Michelle Grace & Narelle Brilliant, Directors of Creative STEPS.